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Regeneration Enterprises

Regeneration Enterprises

RESET program is available to survivors of human trafficking and extreme trauma who have completed a one year program and are ready to take the next steps toward building career and life skills.

Survivors, Grow Your Skills at Regeneration Enterprises 

Regeneration Enterprises Survivor Employment Training

RESET Program

Financial Skills

Financial Peace University Course

Dave Ramsey's 10 wk. course 

+ Budgeting

+ Money Management

+ $75 Scholarship 


Advancing With Money

+ Credit Clearing
+ Banking Basics 

+ Preparing to Buy a Car or a Home

+ Money Mentoring

Financial Skills

Computer Skills

+ Microsoft Word & Excel


Digital Media Skils 

+ Learn to Digitize Photos & Movies

+ Job opportunities

Job Mentoring

+ On the Job Training

+ Apprenticeships

Job Readiness

Rise Above It

+ Manage Emotional Responses

+ Overcome Triggers

+ Live your best life!

+ 4 mo. course


+ Learn to Manage Social Situations Well

+ Interact well with others at work place
+ Conflict Resolution Skills

Life Skills

ID Restoration

+ Birth Records

+ Social Security Cards

+ Divers License / ID Card

Name Change

+ Identity Change for Protection

Record Clearing

+ Legal Records in Nevada and Select States

Legal Assistance

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