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Regeneration Enterprises

Regeneration Enterprises

Survivor-Made Showcase & Bazaar

September 23, 2023

Wassa Boutique was the perfect place to showcase products produced by survivors of exploitation from around the World. Wassa's eclectic world style establishes a creative flow and environ suitable for a world-wide display of coffees and jewelry, accessories and handbags.

Regeneration Enterprises organized the event inviting all to the Town Square location. They utilized the event to launched a new line of coffees: . The selection of coffees from Africa to Guatemala support Regeneration's work with survivors of exploitation in the Vegas Valley. furnished beautifully handcrafted jewelry and accessories from 4 continents All showcased items were created by artisans who have survived human trafficking in the United States, India, Uganda, Cambodia, Mexico, Nepal - over 12 nations. Special attention was given to the newly launched line of stationary highlighting artwork from Las Vegas Survivors at SEEDs of Hope. These beautiful card sets were the first commercially-made products featuring survivors art in Las Vegas. All are available at

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